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If you can get past the qwerks and the high learning curve. plan9 can kind of make everything easier. That might seem a bit strange. But once you have a bunch of credentials stored in factotum you can easily connect to your resources and move data around quickly.

You run commands like rcpu, rimport, bind, mount, srv and you have full access to all of the resources. It quickly reveals all the time thats wasted in other operating systems and how cumbersome it is to move things around.

Talking about the bells and whistles of this operating system is way beyond the scope here.

So here are some links

The system I'm currently using is 9front. It seems to be the most stable and currently updated for some of the more recent computers on the market.

You can find most of the answers on 9front FQA. The problem is how its arranged. Plan9 is a vastly complicated system and its hard to know where to begin. You kind of have to read everything including the boring parts whatever that might be for you.

9front has a list server you can subscribe to at list is the name of the list such as 9front, 9front-bug,g, 9front-fqa. send a one line message with the words subscribe. You can then start asking questions.

I can't tell you how many times someone will have a question including myself and the response comes back with the exact chapter, and section that I need to read which answers my questions.

I think a lot of these issus has to do with the general nature of the system. Name Space for example can be a bit complicated. Each time you draw a terminal to invoke or mount something, you will soon discover that its not availble in another terminal. This can create layers of frustration for new years when dealing with things like mount, or authentication.

In any case I created a few pages of common things I find myself doing on each system I create. Over time you will discover that you can do this once on one system and leverage or import certain resources for other systems. Email is one example. I got tired of dealing with upas for gmail and expiration of tls certficates because I would setup upas on each system I created. Finially It occured to me that I can setup it up on a public server that I can access anywhere. Then I would cpu into that server and run faces, and acme in my current namespace and still have full access to my other reources without suffering latency issues.

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