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Install new kernel

Slightly different than other platforms:

; cd /sys/src/9/imx8
; mk clean; mk install
; cd /sys/src/boot/reform
; mk
; 9fs dos
; fcp /arm64/9reform.u /n/dos/
; fcp /sys/src/boot/reform/boot.scr /n/dos/

From Silva 9front developer to get go working on imx8 arm64

Since I have now a MNT Reform and there was still no Go I tried my luck with


I've tested compiling from linux/amd64 (Go 1.19.4) and 9front/amd64 (Go 1.18.3), that both works. But since there's no bootstrap.rc, it can be compiled like this:

echo go1.20 > VERSION # bootstrap.bash produces something like go1.20-53289fad60
cd src
GOROOT=/tmp/go-arm64.plan9-arm64.plan9 GOOS=plan9 GOARCH=arm64 make.rc
cd .. ; mv bin/plan9_arm64/* bin/

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